Nothing beats empathy when it comes to engaging the folks in HR

But empathy cannot be faked - it must be authentic.

This is the biggest challenge faced by HR marketers - lack of authenticity. That's because they haven’t been in the HR trenches.

But I’ve been there, done that as a renegade HR missionary who strayed into Content Marketing.

As an insider, I know the power-source into which HR folks plug in:

They rarely have the power to say, 'Yes' - but they can say an emphatic, ‘No!’ And they usually do.

Only an empathic, ‘I know,’ from an ex-HR guy, can counter that and gain you access.

That’s where my real value shines through: delivering engaging communication with an authentic, human voice.

I’d been two-timing HR and Corporate Communications for 30 years. I honed my persuasive writing skills for getting my MWR from the most challenging customers - employees.

The folks in HR may be the masters at their game, but...

... having me on your side, is a game-changer.

HR Software is, by default, my primary niche. But I also write for:

MarCom - As head of Corporate Communications, I edited and published the company’s newsletter and wrote MarCom copy drawing on my AWAI B2B training.

Government Agencies - My Masters degree in Public Administration (MPA) and work-experience liaising with government agencies, make me a natural for this niche.   
Publishing - I’ve ghostwritten a traditionally published book and self-published a Kindle #1 bestseller. Besides, I have 30 years’ experience copy-editing and proofreading office documents and web content. 

Travel - I’ve written a travel book, a travel blog and a travel column in a national newspaper.

Wildlife - I wrote a wildlife blog dedicated to the late Steve Irving, and a wildly successful wildlife column for a national fortnightly.

Survival Books Ltd (UK)
The Writers Bureau (UK)
UT’s Voice
Love Humanity International (USA)
South Asia Voice
Eurocoustic Products Ltd
Punj International Pvt Ltd
PSL Corrosion Control Services Ltd

Here’s what a few of my recent clients are saying about my work...

"Noel SEO-edited our old website copy and created new content which resulted in lots of new leads."

V R Jadhav, Executive Director - Marketing

Our newsletter, which was created and launched by Noel as its editor was so engaging the issues were even shared outside the subscription list.

A. N. Rao, Executive Director, Eurocoustic Products Ltd.

Noel's content is very well-written and engaging, garnering new leads all the time.

Kunal Patel, GM - PSL Corrosion Control Services Ltd.

Awards & Certifications

> Writers Bureau (UK) Writer of the Year Award

> UK Songwriting Contest Winner (AC)

> Kindle #1 bestselling author of “Your Obsolescence-Proof HR Manual"

> AWAI-Trained B2B Copywriter, White Paper Writer, Case Study Writer

> SuccessWorks-Certified SEO Copywriter/Content Writer

> CMI/MPU/HubSpot-Certified Content Marketer

> CoE-Certified Proofreader & Copy Editor (UK)

> High-Level Proofreading Pro Certificate - Edit Republic (Canada)

> Line Editing Certificate - Edit Republic (Canada)

> Member - CIEF